CYPRESS provides numerous services in PR and networking

Planning, conceptualization and implementation of innovative PR campaigns and media cooperations – artist liaison, photo shoots, location scouting, promotional trips and their organisation, coordination and implementation – text authoring, design of individual media service concepts, preparation and shipment of PR tools – reporting, data preparation and analysis of the achievements.
The collaboration of distinct service providers and agencies ensures a highly efficient work flow as well as saves clients from dealing with multiple suppliers. Full service concepts for music and entertainment companies make sense and provide a perfect solution.
On purpose, no exhaustive listing of single services will be posted here as every client needs to assign specific tasks to the agency in order to get optimized and individualized suggestions.
Initiation calls or meetings are free of charge and serve the purpose of personal introduction as the chemistry needs to be right to create an environment of confidence. As a result this will ensure a prolific and successful collaboration.